The Anton Diet

I just finished a 14 day Anton Diet. I made it up, but its really based off a compilation of many many diets. It is basically gluten, dairy, grain, and processed food free. The only things I ate were fruits, vegetables, meats, and eggs. Mostly all organic produce and grassfed/organic proteins. The rule was absolutely nothing could be eaten that was made in a factory or warehouse or processed in any way. Even if something had all natural and/or all organic ingredients, nothing from a box that was made by someone else. This included all supplements and vitamins and minerals and protein powders. Just fruit, vegetables and meats. Simple.

I've read and heard so so much about gluten free and dairy free and lectin free and paleo and vegan and ketogenic and everything else, so I figured I would try my own version of everything. The goal was 14 days so that my body would have ample time to adjust and adapt to the nutritional changes. I've noticed before that when I drastically change things, it takes a bit of time for my body to adjust and the beginning can be rough. This happened here too. I was a bit tired the first couple days and was definitely not recovering enough from my normal training routine. Admittedly, I was also not eating nearly enough those first couple days. I didn't prepare well enough and didn't have different options available for things I could eat, so I found myself just not eating. By Wednesday of the first week, I loaded up on all kinds of fruits and vegetables and meats so that I wouldn't be bored with lack of options and have plenty enough to eat. 

Overall, it was pretty easy. I never thought it was challenging because I made sure to eat a ton. I was never hungry (except the first 2 days) and had no restrictions on calories or amount. The goal was to eat as much as I want, just only from the allowed categories. Night time was the only time I craved some type of cheap processed carbs, like candy or bread or doughnuts. I had 2 events/parties during the 14 days. Those were obviously hard because I was the idiot who couldn't have anything to drink (even juice or soda water) and couldn't eat anything except the platter of vegetables (without the ranch dip). That was annoying, but not a big deal. I got over it.

I felt good. Definitely slightly better, but certainly not worth it. My body processes and burns all types of food very very well. Milk, gluten, grains, sugar, whatever. So there was no magical feeling of euphoria or life changing energy levels. I felt clear, slept slightly better, was very alert, but overall, the headache of living like that and being extreme all the time is not worth it for me.  I stay in excellent shape regardless of what I eat because of how I work out, so that part didn't matter. I like the clarity and mental focus, but hate not having a doughnut when I want or eating whatever is provided when I'm at a friend's house or out to dinner with a group. Also, often times, I was out for a long period of time and had to pack a lunch and snacks for the whole day. Which was also annoying.  So in the end, I think I'll stick with this type of eating for about 90% of what I consume. Generally when I'm home, this is how I'll eat. However, I won't stop myself from enjoying the things I like and from having a good time when I'm out.