Thursday's random thoughts

The difficulty of writing something every day is that there is pressure to have an interesting thought every day. So I suppose that is the practice. The practice of thought and the discipline of work. Forces some sort of contemplation. Not sure what the end result will be, or even what the goal is, but its certainly challenging already, on day 5. 

Many great writers swear by this. And though I'm not a writer and have never claimed to be, I figured it was about time I try the practice of daily writing. Hemingway was extremely diligent in writing every single day. More recently, dozens of interesting and influential people like Seth Godin to Tim Ferriss, to Brian Koppelman (wrtier and creator of Rounders and Billions), swear by daily writing. A lot of this comes from an exercise called Morning Pages out of a book called, "The Artist's Way"  by Julia Cameron.

Her approach is a bit different than what I'm doing here. It is basically writing two pages by hand first thing every single morning. It can be nonsense. It can be anything. Its just two random pages. Her approach seems a bit more individual and a somewhat meditative process. I suppose this is also. It just forces me to slow down and be a bit more cautious since it is publicly available. Its a bit suffocating and freeing at the same time. Which is strange, but good practice non the less. For what? I don't know.