The Investment Banker and The Fisherman

My first job out of college was working for a huge public accounting company. And I was miserable. It was considered a great job, hard to get, excellent pay, etc etc etc. I hated it and became very negative towards the entire corporate world. At this time I heard a parable about an investment banker on vacation in a Mexican village and his need to monetize and corpratize everything he sees. The story is in the link below:

When I knew for certain that I was going to quit and just finishing out my last couple months with the company, my parents, being naturally concerned, tried to talk me out of it. I remember telling them this story and it making my dad smile. He agreed. 

10 years later, my friend sent me the story (not knowing that I already knew it) and told me it reminded him of me. : ) 

Made me smile. 

Its the little things. Quick message like that to help keep me on my journey and not waver. Thanks Bobby!