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Currently reading Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, by Walter Isaacson    

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

Great book. Pretty long, but very thorough and interesting. Isaacson is a very accomplished biographer. He has national best selling biographies on Einstein and Steve Jobs as well. He does a great job covering all sides and details of the person, including the darker and negative sides. Ben Franklin is no exception. The guy was pretty extraordinary. He had dozens of fascinating inventions, helped establish America as an independent nation and its constitution, was a very talented writer, created the first library, the first fire station, the first police force, one of the first colleges in the country, and many many other incredible things. Its pretty wild what he was able to accomplish in his life. He also had a penchant for women and was not an ideal husband, to put it mildly. 

Either way. Excellent book. Always motivating to read about such powerful and influential historical figures.