Vincent Van Gogh Was a Bum

Something about Vincent Van Gogh has always bothered me. Van Gogh killed himself at age 37 and died poor, alone, depressed, and having never received any praise or recognition or money from his art. 

I don't agree with the romanticism around the struggling, yet super talented, artist that doesn't understand people or economy or business. I think having some social intelligence and understanding how to market your work and interact with others is just as important as pure creativity. Van Gogh was gifted, extremely talented, and knew he was talented. But he also holed up in his parent's house and borrowed lots of money he never paid back and did nothing but feel sorry for himself and paint. 

A super talented artist who does not know how to cope with people or business or the economic landscape of his art is the same as an extremely gifted athlete that doesn't know how to work hard or is not coachable or continuously gets arrested and in trouble and kicked off the team. I just find it hard to feel bad for either type, and there are hundreds of thousands of examples in each category. 

Important to be talented and smart and know how to attack the industry or field you are in.