Finally Updated My Reel:

Not sure why, but updating a reel is one of those tasks that seems incredibly daunting, exhausting, and extremely time consuming. My excuse is always to wait until that next project airs so I have more footage to work with (this is a never ending cycle - like never updating a phone because I'm waiting for the next new model (I'm guilty of this as well)). To me, updating a reel is a perfect catalyst for procrastination. Like anything else though, once the commitment is made and I'm determined to get it done, its quick, easy, and fun to do. Its been a good 2 years or so since I've updated the reel. Its got a bunch of stuff that I've worked on in the past two years. Unfortunately, other stuff had to be taken out. Below is the updated version (Maybe I should keep all my versions up, just to see the progress over the years, that would be interesting):