Some CrossFit Pictures

Below are a few pictures I took at Brick Crossfit with Jon Offstead. It was a fun shoot after a CrossFit competition (my first one ever). 

I've been consistently weight training for over 15 years and I finally gave CrossFit a shot. Essentially, it is a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Circuit Training (I've done a lot of both over the years). It creates conditioning through muscle fatigue instead of typical running routines. Moreover, it incorporates Olympic lifting and gymnastics movements (such as ring dips/muscle ups, hand stand push ups, and toes to bar). The movements force individuals to pay close attention to mobility and flexibility, which standard weight lifting can hide/ignore. More than anything, it provides an excellent environment and community for working out and makes for one hell of a competitive atmosphere. Though CrossFit is not something I would do full time, I think it is an excellent excellent change-up and additional to my work out routine. Moreover, it has been excellent for my physique and getting in shape, it has allowed me to become more flexible and mobile, and has introduced me to many wonderful people and new friends.